Thursday, 26 April 2018

Not to Be Trusted

How do you tell the difference between moral and immoral practices?

If you find it difficult to distinguish between morality and immorality, will you ever acquire an enlightened retirement?

How do you separate myth from fact in relation to morality and immorality?

How do you identify corrupt practices?

When is it necessary to scare the local public, in the public interest?

What is the philanthropic purpose of legitimate fear?

Is philanthropy always moral?

If you have been exploring the causes and consequences of incompatible values, have you been doing so for moral or immoral purposes?

When you have faced a difficult situation, how have stories helped you cope?

Do you prefer stories about morality or stories about immorality, or stories combining the two, or neither?

Have you been providing emotional support through the arts?

In any part of the world, it is difficult to know who is, and who is not, to be trusted.

Whether growing older in South Australia as pleasantly as possible requires a moral or immoral outlook is a matter of considerable discussion within the Adelaidezone at present.

Is it the same everywhere else?

What have been the topics of your most important, recent discussions, and where have those discussions taken place?

Trustworthy persons separate discussions carefully into categories of sensitivity:

1. Private topics

2. Philanthropic topics

3. Political topics

Private topics should only be discussed with trustworthy persons.

Most people are untrustworthy.  They have not been trained to understand the moral dimensions of discussions and other forms of communication.  They are too fearful to act against their own financial interests, even when that fear is expressed through immoral actions.  They are willing to follow the authority of immorality when that authority has power over their incomes.

Many organisations and institutions cannot be trusted.  The cultures within them maliciously spread fear, greed and vanity.

Not only financial institutions but fossil fuel suppliers, fossil fuel based electricity suppliers, airlines, military suppliers, retirement village businesses, aged care businesses, child care businesses, pharmaceutical companies, suppliers of inadequately tested toiletries and household cleaning products, many large manufacturers, telecommunications companies, mining companies, commercial media, property developers, religious organisations, private health services and private education services, all or most are likely to be untrustworthy.

But who do you trust, and why?

There has unfortunately been a delay in launching the Moderate Australia Party.  Most persons seeking to join the party have not yet passed the prerequisite tests on trustworthiness.  Even so, the auditioning tour continues.

What does moderation really mean in Australia?

What is the connection between moderation and morality?

Where have you sought answers to such questions?

The Moderate Australia Party has no connection with the Australian Moderate Party or the Moderate Party of the United States of America.

Do you consider moderation to be opposed to all extremes?

In Australia, reasonable voters reject all extremes.  They know when an extreme point of view is disguised as legitimate conservatism, or even reasonable tradition.

The spirit of enlightenment upholds reasonableness and moderation as the basis of trustworthiness.

For example:

Enlightening Performance No. 1

Main Interval - Intermission

Enlightening Performance No. 2

Australia's current, official political leader is a naked emperor.  But when intelligent children and reasonable adults point out to him the truth, he consistently and ridiculously dismisses it.

The only reason he is still Australia's current, official political leader is that he disguised himself as a moderate in order to gain power, prestige and the chance to play at being an emperor.  He has been naked ever since.

Extremism is always immoral.

Greed is always immoral.   It is a form of extremism in itself.

Who, instead, is supporting stability, credibility and moderation?

There is another movement likely to be underway soon.  It is likely to cause profound shock in Australia but not necessarily in Austria.