Saturday, 28 April 2018

Possibilities for Patrons

Much of the following information is for patrons only:

Your contributions to the world's most enlightened endowment fund are always appreciated by someone, somewhere.  You may have been a prior beneficiary of that endowment fund yourself.

The legal team associated with the endowment fund frequently works directly for the artistic director of this ethereal theatre.

Are you a wealthy legal advisor yourself?

Are you a sponsor of scientific research?

You may be aware of the sponsorship opportunities associated with this location.

The way you display leadership is likely to contribute to many possibilities for patrons such as yourself.

How are you currently leading various sorts of people, and for what purposes?

If you require further insights into your leadership abilities, you are most welcome to apply for a digital internship.

An insightful digital internship often offers the chance for enlightened assessments regarding suitability for mentoring.

If you are already highly advanced as a leader, you may even prefer to offer mentorships yourself.  How do you usually compare yourself?

Some of the recent, temporary political servants here have included:

Malcolmia Turnip
Political parlour maid. She behaves as if she owns the place but does none of the work she is employed to do.

Former political butler.  A temporary replacement called Marshmallow has just been appointed.

Cuts and Onus
These junior book-keepers have been demoted and replaced by someone called Robber.

S. Cut More-Reason
Trainee accounts clerk.  He has apparently just discovered a debt of almost $552 billion.

Crusty Fir-Pine
On work experience.  No-one is quite sure what he wants from a career.  He tends to giggle at inappropriate moments.

Corny Bore-Nasty
Scullery boy (often imports conserves for tea parties without permission).  He has had difficulty making friends.

Although political servants are usually relatively inattentive towards their duties, enlightened patrons are not.

There are courses available to suit anyone seeking to improve themselves properly.

All the volunteering opportunities here require a willingness to learn continually, through ongoing readings and supervised practice.