Monday, 16 April 2018

Quite Fond of Good Literature

If you are quite fond of good literature, have you ever been invited to become an enlightening volunteer in an enlightened library?

Suitably qualified and experienced literary, digital volunteers are always welcome in the library of enlightenment within Villa Twaklinilkawt.

What, exactly, is good literature, in your well-informed opinion?

Do good literature and good music have anything in common?

Where would you be without either?

Where would you be without your mobile telephonic device?

If you are absolutely sure you are fond of good literature and/or good music, what do you truly need from digital technology, if anything?

And what do you need from theatrical venues, if anything?

And what do you need or want from a music countdown, if anything?

The Mozarty Party Climatologically Cool 100 countdown is as much about literature and science as it is about music.

Tonight, there will be a little party in Nannerl's Suite.   Are you expected to be there?

Many members of the Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee are likely to be in attendance.

Have you already completed the prerequisite readings?