Thursday, 26 April 2018

Special Privileges

An invitation to enter someone else's private space is always a privilege.

This ethereal theatre is a private space, as is the digital villa in which it is situated.

Have you ever acquired any special privileges here?

You may have gained special privileges here after an evening of auditions.

This is such an evening.

You may have gained special privileges as one of the patrons of enlightenment here.

Most of this evening's performance is for such patrons.

You may have gained special privileges to attend a grand finale.

Do you usually consider it a privilege to experience non-popular culture?

An enlightened yet non-popular culture is one in which abusive power and control has no influence.  There is nothing aggressive or manipulative about true enlightenment.

Besides being here at present, have you acquired any other special privileges?

Do you supply anyone with special privileges at all?

When do you know someone's heart is in the right place?

Have you ever experienced social support?

Have you ever experienced life support?

Have you ever been supplied with technical support?

Do you often consider support to be a special privilege rather than an egalitarian entitlement?

Do you have a heart of gold?

Do you have a significant understanding of history?

Do you have considerable skills in negotiation?

Special privileges may sometimes include membership of a wonderful support group.

What sort of support are you currently seeking?

What sort of support are you currently supplying?

How have you been attempting to combine the two?

Do you already have the privilege of being part of an enlightened peer group?

Enlightened peer groups do not involve social pressure.  They do involve special privileges.

The most inclusive experiences still require significant exclusions if they are to be sufficiently pleasant.

How have you been celebrating pleasantly inclusive occasions in recent months?

How have you been examining enlightenment over recent years?

Now, you may be seeking special privileges for patrons only.

What do you know about leading from Adelaide?

What do you know about political Adelaide?

What do you know about visiting Adelaide?

What is an enlightened thought for the day?

What is enlightening gardening in Adelaide?

Who is conserving and enhancing the best of Adelaide?

Do you consider being in Adelaide to be a special privilege in itself?