Thursday, 19 April 2018

Still in Tune with the Times

The Mozarty Party continues to have a worldwide reputation for being in tune with the times.

Enlightened artistic action makes life meaningful. That action often involves ethical and aesthetic interactions with nature and culture, directly and indirectly.

It involves communication within minds as much as it involves communication between minds.

It involves communication with life itself, in all forms of life and art.

The Mozarty Party seeks to support enlightenment in the world.  It can only do so with enlightened political candidates.  

What has Mr Mozart taught you about an enlightened approach to politics?

Are you in tune with the times?

Are you in tune with history, too?

And the future?

Or are you too tired to think about such matters at present?

If you are aware of the psychogeography experienced by enlightened patrons of the arts, you may be more in tune with the times than most people.

If you feel you are missing out on anything important, you can always catch up later with the sorts of lurid details most people mistake for important news, if that will make you feel better about yourself.

By being in this ethereal theatre, you are unlikely to have missed out on any irreplaceable experiences of immense, personal and interpersonal value.  The best experiences happen here.