Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Auditioning Tour

To participate in most tours here, you will obviously need to begin your journey at one of the box offices.

The main box office of this ethereal theatre is currently situated in the grand foyer.

There are several other ticket offices associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt, some of which are invisible, even in the digital sphere.  They will probably not even be found through multi-messenger astronomy though advances in magnetic resonance imaging may assist your navigation.

Where do you usually locate your imagination?

When did you first arrive in this auditorium and how did you arrive?

And when did you first attempt to launch your career on the world stage?

Such questions are necessary to answer before your next audition begins.

Only imaginative persons are successful in the auditions.  Indeed, imagination and success are usually intertwined in the minds of enlightened patrons.

Do you consider yourself to be an enlightened patron?

Although inclusive access to the tours here is occasionally available, there will be no future notifications regarding upcoming public occasions, except during the open call auditions.

It would certainly be a good idea to take an auditioning tour before attending an audition.  How will you otherwise find the stage door?

The auditioning tour is an extraordinarily fascinating source of enlightenment.

Each tour here, regardless of the central purpose, will include an insightful analysis of the auditorium and its design.

You will be expected to bring with you an extensive, prior knowledge of mindful patrons.

You will also be expected to have a considerable portfolio relating to improving the world.

Will you be able to perform right on cue?

Will your performance most likely supply evidence of factual and fictional anagnorisis?

How much do you expect to pay for the auditioning tour and will you be able to afford it?

During the auditions, you may be expected to perform with a deep understanding of the skewing of wealth and the darkness of hypocrites.

With the world facing many crazy situations, how are you likely to reflect that reality in your performance, with or without taking the prior auditioning tour?

How will you gain appreciative audiences for your work?

How will you assert moral authority on the world stage?