Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Right to be Amused

Did you not receive your invitation regarding today's Australian Humour Rights Commission meeting here in Villa Twaklinilkawt?

Do you usually inhabit a digital, suburban little villa, located in the delightful Australian village of Adelaide? 

Do you have a sense of humour?

Are you a prominent supporter of brand Mozart?

Do you believe you have a right to be amused, with or without Trumps or trumpets?

Sydney is not New South Wales.

Melbourne is not Victoria.

Perth is not Western Australia.

Adelaide is not South Australia.

Brisbane is certainly not Queensland.

Do you believe Australia requires several new city states, politically separated from the vast hinterlands?

Some ideas are floated but then take a long time to get off the ground.

The right to be amused is often related to the right not to be abused.

Do you ever connect your desire for amusement with your desire for meaningfulness?

Do you think most of the outback become a new Australian state, politically separated from all the major cities?

Do you find more meaningfulness in the local, the national or the global?

If you wish to be enlightened in an Adelaidean way, please note that Villa Twaklinilkawt is still ethereally owned by The Twaklinesque Muse of the World, who remains President of the Australian Political Reform Club and Head of State of Nilkawt.

Of course, owning an ethereal dwelling is often cheaper than owning a physical one.

Is your financial capital losing value against other major currencies, against inflation and/or against richer people than yourself?

Do you have an abundance of political capital and/or cultural capital?

It is not necessarily the constitutional structure of parliamentary democracy in need of reform in Australia but the culture of politics.

How are you contributing to that cultural transformation?

Are you finding amusing ways to do so whilst assisting the 21st Century Enlightenment?

Australia's finest and most enlightened news service is based in the Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Most of that news is not necessarily amusing though it is necessarily enlightening.

The Australian Humour Rights Commission supplies guidance, nevertheless.

Enlightening, quality local news is often of global consequence, too, mainly due to the fact that it includes displays of enlightened leadership.

But most people would rather seek amusement than enlightenment.

Would you rather be known as highly intelligent or comfortably confident?

But what happens when your knowledge of the world erodes your confidence in yourself and/or the future?

Members of the Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee will, as usual, be discussing such matters at a monthly digital salon for world peace. You may have occasionally joined them there in the past.

There is no advertising permitted in the Adelaidezone.  Nor is any advertising permitted to be purchased in relation to the activities pursued in this digital location.  This is to ensure privacy is properly respected.

There is nothing amusing about intrusiveness.

Are your international trading partners are facing long-term upheavals?  Are they in considerable debt?

How does your own financial situation compare with theirs?

Do you believe every international, bilateral and multilateral agreement should be put to a referendum?

As you may be aware, the Australian Humour Rights Commission not only upholds the most suitably civilised parameters of Australian humour, it supervises the legitimate use of farce in this part of the world.

Many aspects of world trade are a farce in themselves.

There are few useful connections between the important and the imported in most societies.

How do you imagine the future?

How will you maintain your right to be amused in the future?

Does great humour mainly exist in the least corrupt societies?

Does great humour mainly exist where happiness is most likely to exist?

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