Sunday, 22 April 2018

Unfair Interruptions and other Disruptions

How do you usually respond when your careful assessments are rudely interrupted by careless persons?

Have you been experiencing disruptions in South Australia of one sort or another?

If you have never been in South Australia, or have not been in South Australia recently, have you ever experienced an unfair interruption or any other type of disruption?

When is an interruption unfair?

When are other sorts of disruptions unfair?

And when are they fair?

Members of the Mozarty Party, all over the world, have often experienced unfair interruptions and other disruptions. 

You already appear to be sufficiently enlightened about the necessity for relevance and elegance in musical and political life, otherwise why else would you have entered this ethereal theatre?

Are you mainly here to attend a special election campaign presentation?

Are you intending to audition as a prospective politician whilst here?

Most politicians, and prospective politicians, are known for perpetrating unfair interruptions and other disruptions.  But do musicians often do the same?

Orchestras and ensembles, mainly for financial and other competitive reasons, are usually local.  It is the same with Mozarty Party activities.

But noise is primarily local, too, as are other disturbances.

You may already know something about the Mozarty Party's global election campaigning activities.  Yet acknowledging local changes in power and influence is very important, not only for Adelaideans but for everyone.

Changes in power and influence, for better or worse, have a tendency to be disruptive in unpredictable ways.

Is your current government Haydn something?

Unfair interruptions and other disruptions are particularly problematic when announcing policy priorities?

If you definitely seek to support the Mozarty Party better than you have in the past, will you be bringing along your own ensemble of supporting players with you?

If so, how talented is your ensemble, individually and collectively, and what have its members already achieved together?

Have they ever been unfairly disruptive?

Have they ever been fairly disruptive?