Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Your Mission

When is a mission compatible with your own, and when is it not?

Does your mission mainly involve counteracting incompatible missions?

You may wish to compare your mission with the following:

1. To provide candidates truly serving the Australian public

2. To improve Australian dietary and voting habits

3. To encourage sensible Australian policies

4. To supervise the provision of honest and open political fund-raising efforts

5. To provide value-for-money to the public with quality ingredients and a fair suck of the sauce and source bottle.

That is the policy platform of the Great Australian Sausage Sizzle and Sensible Policy Party (GASSSPP).

Do you usually consider a mission to be a policy platform, and vice versa?

Do you have a political agenda in relation to your mission?

The World Enlightenment Forum has a mission to establish and maintain enlightened democracies all around the world through enlightened leadership.

If you are participating in the second Age of Enlightenment, why are your efforts so little known and so ineffective?

Why is enlightenment so marginal in mainstream, popular culture?

Why do so many people consider enlightenment to be boring and, therefore, not worthwhile?

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