Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A Budget for Gentleness - Part Four

Hello and welcome to this presentation in relation to the Australian 2018 federal budget debt and deficit disaster.

My name is Privacy Policy.  I will be with you here in the ethereal theatre of the Twaklinesque for the next three hours, except for when I need to attend to private matters, of course.

Now, have you been watching a Countdown recently?

Perhaps you have a preference for another type of Countdown.

Are you aware that many of the followers of the latter Countdown are now retirees or soon will be?

I am here today as a Norman Gunston lookalike, which is why I am sitting in the dark so you are unable to see me.

If you are unacquainted with the real Mr Gunston, I am sure you are either too young to know anything important about Australian popular culture, or you are a relatively recent migrant, and/or you know nothing about significant constitutional moments in Australian history.

If you switch on the torch on your mobile telephone in an attempt to see me, you are likely to be removed very promptly from this auditorium.

Secrecy is very important in relation to all sorts of Countdowns and Dismissals in Australia, but why?  What is the point of that secrecy?  How much of it is in the public interest, and which aspects are not?

Attitudes and cultural expressions are very much part of political points of view.

What are your current attitudes to life and death?

What are your current attitudes to death and taxes?

You may wish to hear my vocal impersonation of the ghost of Margaret Thatcher next.  Most audience members tend to be terrified by that, which is why I usually perform the role straight after the main interval rather than before it.

How do you usually consider your audiences, with or without considering their behaviour as voters and citizens?

What is happening with the Budget Countdown now?

If you are more interest in other forms of fashion, that is understandable, especially if you have little understanding of budgets.

Do you usually consider budget speeches to be fashion statements?

Do you usually consider fashion statements to be an indication of good or bad budgets?

What do you usually wear for an ethereal world peace ceremony?

When do you decide to say toi toi toi Twaklin in relation to a forthcoming event?

When do you choose to recite an invocation either for a city, a nation or the entire world?

If you were not in attendance for the earlier parts of this series on a budget for gentleness, please catch up with the notes before part five begins:

Have you ever arrived here in search of a special preview of one sort or another?

If you are seeking to participate in the very serious discussions later in the Adagia Rooms, do you have a sufficient understanding of the logic of good drama?