Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A Budget for Gentleness - Part Seven

Greetings ordinary mortals.  Pius II has asked me to pop over to see that you are not causing too much trouble in this digital auditorium

I, of course, am Pius IX. Unless you have a tiara like mine, you probably cannot afford to attend any events in the Adagia Rooms.

Budgetary measures in Australia mean it is now more expensive to gain admittance to the Adagia Rooms than to any upscale event in New York.

Do you usually consider yourself to be a winner or a loser in terms of government budgets?

How have you been getting on with your Twaklinesque examinations of budget-related documents?

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I doubt whether any Treasurer of Australia has been infallible, or even truly gentle.  None have ever attended day four of the World Enlightenment Forum, as far as I know.

If they had been at the most recent one, they would have become more fully aware of Russian problems, possibly even as much as I did long ago.

I am not sure whether Australia will be having an election soon but there has been some speculation in that regard.

In any situation, persuasion is often more important than evidence, especially when seeking to have influence.  You may have been persuasively involved in election preparations in South Australia in recent months.  Do you think you will be using those skills again quite soon?

Do you take an evidence-based approach to the development and analysis of policies and budgets?

If you have been examining the Australian federal budget from an individual point of view, what have you discovered?

If you have been doing something similar from a business point of view, how will your plans be affected?

If you are a conservative Australian, how are you helping the poor?

How do you usually spend or save $448.58 billion?

How do you usually acquire that amount of money without hurting the poor?