Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A Budget for Gentleness - Part Three

Much propaganda in Australia, as in other countries, continues to be devoted to the idea of nationhood.  The idea of nationhood is mainly promoted in relation to military ambitions.

And most military ambitions require large amounts of money for equipment and promises.  Many of those promises have long been made through the intertwined ideas of nationhood and manhood.

But manhood, like nationhood, is a contested term.  Military manhood has long been held up as an image of toughness in the face of adversity.

To be tough was perceived as strong.  Adversity was something a tough man could overcome, at least in fiction.

Tough men built strong nations, and strong families, according to the propaganda.

Strength was, and is, held up as good by persons with a manly, militaristic ideology, even if they happen to be women.

Personal toughness gives such individuals their sense of self worth, and their misguided belief in their own political legitimacy.

Since the mid 19th century, sporting strength has become a civilian substitute for military strength.  Strong, profitable businesses also reflect the idea of strength, as does winning cases in courts of law. 

Military hierarchies have been copied in many other work situations.

Gentleness has long equated with weakness.  Weakness has long equated with danger, with poverty, with cowardice, and with personal failure.

The tough have often expressed contempt for the weak, in deeds if not in words.  They often still have contempt for people they think are, or should be, weak.

Yet there are many truly weak people who pretend to be strong.  They use their fantasies of dominance to abuse, to ignore, and to confuse.

Toughness is viscousness.

Viscousness is a weakness.

And viscousness often hides behind a very thin veneer of charm, or care.

Gentleness is a strength.

How much money have governments spent on militaristic propaganda?

War memorials are not monuments to the dead.  They are propaganda tools through which to recruit weak people by pretending they are strong.

The dead are held up as strong.  The survivors, particularly the suffering survivors, are held up as weak.

Bullies and other cowards enjoy identifying and exploiting potential weaknesses in other people.  Yet they attack anyone identifying and exploiting the weaknesses they fail to acknowledge in themselves.

Toughness demeans gentleness.  Toughness underpays gentle people.  Toughness wants gentleness to pay more than its fair share.  Toughness thinks life is not meant to be fair.

Unless fairness is the purpose of government, only toughness will have power.

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