Thursday, 10 May 2018

A Chance to Sing

The ability to sing is not the same as the ability to sing well.

To sing well means different things to different people.

What does it mean to you?

Do you sing well?

Are you part of a singing family?

Does anyone's singing annoy you?

Do you enjoy having time when no-one is singing at all, whether in person or through a recording?

Singing is meant to be a contextual activity.

Some people sing mainly when having a shower?

Other people sing when mainly in front of a mirror?

Quite a few people prefer to sing when alone rather than with other people.

Some people prefer to sing with other people.

Some people sing mainly to impress other people.

Some people sing as a way to feel better about themselves.

Some people sing because they find it easier than speaking.

Have you sung on The Social Media Show yet?

Are you usually expected to work in an excessively cold, air-conditioned building with a drying effect on your throat and a radio blaring out dreadful singing?

Have you sung on the Mozarty Party World Peace and Global Prosperity Tour yet? 

Have you been passing the auditions?

Have you been expressing concerns about your limited abilities and the technical challenges you must overcome?

Have you been missing out on rehearsals?

Have you been loitering near Mozart's dressing room?

Are your talents somewhat imposing?

Are you suitably skilled at duets and dialogues of enlightenment?

How well do you sing when the tune and/or the words are not to your taste?

Have you discovered that most songs are either about exploring the causes and consequences of incompatible values or they are about misguided hopes and intentions?
Do you prefer to sing as a fictional character or as yourself?

Are you image-conscious or are you devoted to authenticity?

What is your acquaintance with privacy?

What is your acquaintance with trustworthiness?

How well do you trust your own assessment of situations?

What have been your experiences of composing?

What have been your experiences of choosing what to sing, and when and where to sing it?

What is your acquaintance with Twaklinian poetry, songs, variations and recitals?

When did you most recently sing Happy Birthday Most Arty Sir Mozarty Mozart?

What has been your experience of voice changes and voice breaks?

How satisfied are you with your modal voice for speaking and singing?

How articulate is your voice? 

How eloquent are your words?

Who has access to sensitive information about you, and why?

Which aspects of your life have been the most emotionally distressing to you, and why?

What business is it of anyone to know about such matters?

Do you expect to maintain a high profile as a singer or would you prefer to be relatively anonymous?

Have you ever contributed to the special show: Home Town Story?

What is special about you and your experiences of the world?

If you seek to maintain a high profile, what do you intend to do with it?

If you seek to maintain a low profile, will you require other forms of income other than from singing?

In either case, have you ever worked as any sort of tour guide?

Have you ever shown anyone around the places familiar to you?

How do you respond to pleasantly familiar situations?

How do you respond to unpleasantly familiar situations?

How do you respond to pleasantly unfamiliar situations?

How do you respond to unpleasantly unfamiliar situations?

How would you describe your voice?

How would you describe your music preferences?

How have your preferences changed over the past few years, if at all?

Have you ever written a review of a product or experience?

Have you ever been a social critic or cultural critic or any other sort of critic?

Do you ever critique audiences?

Have you ever been involved in a curated critiquing assignment?

What have been your experiences of an after-show review?

Any competent singer is likely to be a competent music critic.

Have you ever sung about a city of dreams?

Do you think your voice is suitable as an accompaniment to an ethereal world peace award ceremony?

What is your usual experience of award ceremonies?

What is your usual experience of the media?

What is your usual experience of non-popular culture?

How do you tell the difference between artistic dedication and psychological manipulation?

Do you crave fame?

Do you crave fortune?

Do you have any other form of addiction?

Where is the evidence to indicate you have no addictions, compulsions or obsessions?

Do you crave honours and acknowledgement of your distinction?

Do you crave attention, adulation and/or affection?

Does a biography of you already appear on Wikipedia

Does anyone consider you to be a controversial figure?

Have you sought a wide range of knowledge and experiences in and about the world or have you had a rather narrow set of experiences, possibly lacking openness?

Do you know how to question assumptions and seek evidence?

How do you usually respond to puffery?

If your career as a singer has already given you the opportunity to be one of the most highly respected patrons of enlightenment, what sorts of choices has that allowed you to make?

Have you already had an international career?

Have you possibly even had an interplanetary career?

What are your thoughts on touring?

What are your thoughts on superficial publicity, shallow promotion and inane interviews?

How do you usually prepare for the various parts of a grand finale?

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

In a few days time, the next ethereal world peace award ceremony will be conducted.  No suitable songs or singers have yet been arranged or rehearsed. 

Several auditions of persons in glittering costumes have occurred but such individuals tend to reveal only glittering generalities and too much of their anatomies.  The assessment process seeks to reveal outstanding talents, glittering personalities and exciting possibilities.

The required singers are expected to involve audiences in inclusive experiences.

Do you consider world peace to be an inclusive experience?

Do you know how to create world peace without resorting to glittering generalities?

Do you know how to create world peace by imagining an affordable world of art, devoid of hype, corporate promotion, auto-tuned voices, digital manipulation and mass media publicity stunts?

Were you here in October last year for the launch of the Prompt Book for World Peace?

Do you need much prompting to sing?

Do you need much prompting to be peaceful?

Your experiences of name calling, and your responses to such unpleasantness, will obviously be taken into consideration before you are given a chance to sing in this ethereal theatre.

Perhaps you will next be given that chance during or after the main interval in the forthcoming award ceremony.

Are you expecting the ceremony itself to be one of the upcoming public occasions here or something more private?

Do you usually prefer to sing in public or private?

Do you consider the recording of your singing to be a public or private action?

What has been your experience of music publishing?

What have you found most pleasant and unpleasant about exclusive experiences - partly if not wholly?

Are you currently under some sort of exclusive or otherwise restrictive contract?

Are you expected to abide by entirely exclusive experiences, possibly even in your private life?

How have you managed to avoid being part of the abusive, propaganda practice of transfer?

All persons officially associated with this ethereal theatre, and the events here, are expected to reject all sorts of manipulative associations, celebrity endorsements and testimonials.

How do you usually avoid the dangers of charm and charisma?

What have you usually done when someone has dangled money in front of you to act unethically?

What have been the mental costs of the pressures associated with your professional and private activities?

Are you aware of the psychological dangers of a heavy workload?

Are you aware of the psychological dangers of family pressures, media pressure, other social pressures and political indifference?

How do you know when something is ordinary and normal and when it is not?

When do you know you have all the facts necessary in order to make an informed decision?

When do you know evidence is incomplete?

When do you know you have not unquestioningly jumped on the bandwagon?

How often do you expect to hear toi, toi, toi Twaklin over the weeks and months ahead?