Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A Gig or a Jig or a Gigue

There are many scandals in the world.  Doing something about such shocking practices is an urgent necessity.

Some of the biggest thieves in many societies are financial advisers, financial planners and accountants.  A considerable proportion of them seek to be paid for doing nothing at all.

Who is paid a commission for helping or hindering you?

Who are the clients an agent or broker or politician really serves?

Who is listening to the truth?

Greed is killing the world.

Is that worthy of a jig or a gigue or stunned despair?

You may or may not have arrived here in a gig today.  As you may be aware, a gig was at the cutting edge of technological advancement in the year Mozart died.

Have you recently been involved in peace work and/or piece work?

How you usually acquire an income may or may not involve technological advancement.  It may or may not involve social, economic or environmental advancement.  It is quite likely not to advance culture at all, unless you are involved in explaining dangers to the public.

Have you been to a culturally-advanced music gig recently?

If so, how would you describe that experience to someone with no prior knowledge of what was involved?

You may be here for a gig or a jig or something more refined. 

Do you believe the gig economy to be an advancement on the past?

Are you aware that Mozart was an independent contractor?

If you are similarly employed, what do you do during the main interval between gigs?

Are your gigs and intervals, and even your jigs and gigues, compatible with the logic or good drama?

Do you know much about whirligigs?