Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Destructive Persons

It is not a good idea to allow persons with a reputation for destructiveness to enter one's presence, or even one's attention.

Learning how to prevent such persons from gaining attention is a highly useful pursuit.

Destructive persons cause much havoc in the world.

They ruin environments.  They ruin trust in democracy.  They ruin financial systems.  They may even ruin trust in regulators.

Are you aware of any destructive Australians?

If not, reputable journalists are likely to inform you about them from time to time.

Destructive individuals have a tendency to be disreputable.  They often mix with other disreputable persons.

Would you consider a supporter of the destruction of life on Earth to be a destructive person?

Would you consider people to be destructive if they undermine well-reasoned, democratic processes?

Would you consider people to be destructive if they ignore blatant theft, lies and greed?

Would you consider contradictory persons to be potentially destructive?

How would you assess a person who subsequently blames lapses in safety on overworked persons after sacking many former supervisors?
Who is destroying biodiversity, and why?