Thursday, 31 May 2018

Frightened By Mozart

Which aspects of culture often make you feel uncomfortable, or even fearful?

Have you ever been frightened by Mozart?

Have you ever been enlightened by Mozart?

Confidence is so much easier to acquire once you know how to overcome stage fright on the world stage.

Do you often equate confidence with peacefulness?

For several years now, official tours of this ethereal theatre, and of Villa Twaklinilkawt more generally, have taken place at all hours of the day and night, on every day and night of the year.  Those tours have occurred parallel to the private activities pursued in this location.

When encountering Mozart here, how have you felt about the experience?

The relatively enlightened public is a very small audience.

When people are enlightened about an experience, they are not frightened by it any more.

Persons not feeling afraid are either ignorant or well-informed.  But how do you know when you are well-informed and not ignorant?

What currently makes you feel afraid, and why?

Are you a registered patron here yet?

Relatively enlightened patrons are persons seeking to overcome their own ignorance, and their fears, as reasonably as possible.

Whether you are a registered patron or not, you may wish to learn more about recent performances and presentations here. 

Enlightenment is the avant-garde.

But do you have a sense of belonging within the avant-garde or are you somewhat frightened or repelled by it?

Do you often feel excluded from high culture?

Do you consider the Mozarty Party to represent the musical and political avant-garde?

Enlightened beings simply find excitement in the pleasure of making extraordinary discoveries. As such persons are primarily researchers, not teachers, they merely want to share their excitement with the world as accessibly and acceptably as possible.  They may present their discoveries in unusual formats.

Have you ever attended an enlightening cabaret or similar singing venue?

Have you ever attended a Twaklinesque film screening?

Have you ever acted in a Nilkawtian art film?

Are you a participant in the globally accommodating intelligentsia?

Do you feel excluded from participation through perceptions of intellectuals gained through the mass media?

Do you feel resentful as a consequence of your perceived exclusion?

If you feel much more of a sense of belonging through media culture, why is that?

Does classical music scare you?  Does opera scare you?  Do classical musicians scare you?

Can you play any sort of music?

Do you sing or dance or act or paint or sculpt or innovate in various ways?

Are you frightened by the Mozarty Party due to the fact that you cannot read classical music notation, understand orchestral scores or compose symphonies?

Are you frightened by all sorts of professional practitioners, whether in the arts, medicine, law or engineering?

Have you ever worked for an oppressive employer, just as Mozart did?

Have you ever worked in a freelance capacity, like Mozart?

Have you ever struggled to manage a household budget, in a similar way to Constanze Mozart?

Have you ever lost a child or parent and expressed that experience through art, like Mozart?

Have you ever expressed love, including unrequited love, through art, as Mozart often did?

Have you ever thought that Mozartians may possibly be frightened by your culture, especially if you are a participant in mass culture?

Emotional discomfort in social situations is normal when little has occurred to put people at their ease.

What puts you at your ease, and is it healthy?

If you have ever felt socially inhibited, dear audience member, what was the cause in each such circumstance?

What have been your immediate reactions to such situations?

And what have been the longer term responses through which you have dealt with your fears?