Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How to Avoid Missing Out

You may be seeking an inclusive or exclusive tour of this theatre quite soon.  What do you already know about the work here?

Are you one of the patrons of enlightenment?

The tours are not advertised.  Patrons of enlightenment often find out about future events here directly.

None of the private occasions here ever require advertising.  In fact, the public occasions in this theatre have never been advertised either.  They have relied on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Inclusive experiences in this ethereal theatre have sometimes included audience participation in an evening of auditions. There have been many auditions here, in many different circumstances.

There have been many other opportunities for inclusive access to this ethereal theatre.  There have been opportunities to enjoy Twaklinian poetry, songs, variations and recitals.  There have been opportunities to learn how to overcome stage fright on the world stage.

Have you missed out at all?

If so, do become a registered patron of enlightenment here at your earliest opportunity.

The following information is for patrons only:

Do you know much about the inclusive aspects of journalism for peace?

How do you usually contribute to enlightened peace?

How do you usually participate in a culture of peace?

As you may be aware, enlightened democracy begins with you.  Similarly, world peace starts here in the Adelaidezone Digital Arts Quarter, with or without you.

Will world peace take you from the West to Enlightenment, or will the journey be vice versa?

How have you been overcoming egocentrism while giving adequate respect to your individuality and uniqueness?

How have you been giving adequate respect to the individuality and uniqueness of everyone else through your enlightened leading?

In the serene salon of Villa Twaklinilkawt in July last year, there was much news from the Adelaide Adagia Ensemble on display.  That news was gathered from far and wide, as inclusively as possible.

Were you included in the 2017 August noon Adelaide briefing in some way?

Have you ever been a participant in an inclusive festival of peace?

Have you ever been adequately included in the development of peaceful election procedures?