Thursday, 3 May 2018

Listening to Deliciousness

There can be many confusions over language, particularly in a diplomatic context.

I am Louise Cabal del' Oikonomia.  I am a consulting specialist in household and national management, an expert in the economic analysis of libretti and a commentator on the foreseeable political consequences of major data breaches.  I also know a little about operatic breeches roles, family problems, historic posters and parliamentary poseurs.

Are you familiar with an opera called Louise?

It is about poverty in Paris in 1900 though it could easily be about poverty in Australia in 2018.

The composer was Gustave Charpentier.  He came from an ordinary background but fortunately had a wealthy benefactor.  I am not sure whether the benefactor was a member of a cabal.

I spend much of my time investigating whether a cabal is undermining an economy.  Do you know much on that subject?

Does a wealthy benefactor pay for your studies, your research projects and your internship experiences?

Are you from an ordinary background?

Have you spent years training to be a professional in one field or another?

You may be acquainted with the career of Montserrat Caballé.

Are you acquainted with tax avoidance and tax exiles?

Are you more of a benefactor or a beneficiary or neither?

There is much deliciousness for the wealthy but not necessarily for the poor.

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