Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Real-Life Examples

Solving problems can often seem easier in theory than in practice.  Dreams are easier to think up than reality is to understand.

When attempting to solve problems, real-life examples of problems are a good starting point.  But how do you know a problem is actually real?

What is a problem, and for whom?

Understanding a problem properly involves investigating further.

Once you have done that, what will you discover about the problem and its possible resolution?

The most enlightened answer to that question is likely to reflect the following:

a) Social problems are difficult to resolve because they involve unpredictable actors.

b) Economic problems are difficult to resolve because they are caused by social problems, environmental problems and cultural problems.

c) Political problems are difficult to resolve because most politicians claim to have the credentials to resolve economic problems.

d) Politicians can often be a problem themselves, mainly due to the fact that they tend to ignore most problems.

Have you been thinking carefully about budgets recently?

What does "thinking carefully" actually mean in practice, in your view?

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