Thursday, 31 May 2018

Red Herrings and Lightning

When digital systems fail, the senior managers responsible for those systems may have a tendency to blame red herrings and lightning.

Have you recently experienced an outage of your telecommunications service?

It is easy to blame the weather for anything.

It is difficult to understand situations when the people in charge appear to know nothing about how critical systems work and why they fail.

As far as any technically-knowledgeable person is aware, when inadequately tested technical systems have technical faults in fail-safe infrastructure as a consequence of failed redundancies, it is usually due to the fact that the technical workers with the tried and tested technical experience to ensure technical redundancies do not fail have, in fact, technically been made redundant.

What is the Australian Communications and Media Authority meant to do in such situations when the purported technical testing has often been outsourced remotely to contractors overseas?

Has anyone asked Mr Thodey to account for the current consequences of his highly paid decisions of a few years ago?

Every society and company requires a budget for gentleness in order to deal effectively with red herrings and lightning.

It is difficult to know how a fibre optic cable can become kippered when it is buried more than half a metre underground.

The frequent telecommunications outages are embarrassing for Australia's standing with the International Telecommunication Union.

What is good management in the 21st century?

Are red herrings causing climate change?

Where should a board of directors seek help?

Have you recently been attempting to find suitable support and assistance without a telecommunications connection?

How do you usually put information and problems into suitable categories?

What is your experience of managing customer relationships?

What is your experience of business operations?

As you may be aware, any organisation is only as reputable as its fail-safe systems.  That reputation requires appropriately qualified, reliable persons to maintain those systems to an optimum standard.

How much did you pay to enter this ethereal theatre today?

Are you receiving a sufficiently valuable experience here?

Do you consider yourself to be a customer?

Are you keen to return here for a sufficiently valuable experience in the future?

Would you prefer your next experience here to be mediated by a payment service provider?