Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Ethereal World Peace Award Ceremony

Welcome to the 2018 Ethereal World Peace Award Ceremony.

I especially wish to welcome you if you were here last year.

I also want to give a special welcome to all new members of the media present on this occasion.

Hopefully your reporting will be better than last year's efforts.

This award is far more prestigious and sensible than the Nobel Peace Prize.

In many public venues around the world, especially during the main interval in performances in concert halls, opera houses and theatres, and in a wide variety of public gathering places, particularly those mainly devoted to supplying refreshments in the intervals between working and shopping, considerable discussion has already taken place regarding this ceremony.

The winter season of performances in this ethereal theatre last year began quietly.  No-one is yet quite sure whether the same will happen this year.

In July, several highly serious, semi-public presentations occurred here.   They were followed, in August, by two highly controversial semi-private presentations.

Do you usually feel more discontented than usual during winter?

In September, between intervals, there were several semi-exclusive shows.  There were also many private performances here, though information about them is not to be made public.

My name is Richard, by the way.  I am quite a well-known, ethereal public figure though some people do not, apparently, know me very well.

What were your contributions to the launch of The Prompt Book for World Peace?

Unless you were actively involved in that occasion, I am unlikely to know you very well.

I wish, now, to provide a reminder that the remainder of this occasion is exclusively for registered patrons of peace and enlightenment.

Considerable discussion has obviously taken place over the past year in the salon for world peace in Villa Twaklinilkawt about today's occasion.

When have you received an invitation to attend those illustrious gatherings?

Last September, there were many enlightened beings at the Adelaide noon briefing in the serene salon.   Were you one of them?

I cannot remember being introduced to you on that occasion, or on any other occasion for that matter.

If you definitely were there, how have you reviewed the briefing?

Can you remember what the event previewed, and how?

You may be aware that last year's winner of the Ethereal World Peace Award has developed considerable expertise in conducting assessments of peacefulness.  The process usually begins, of course, with a Twaklinological audit.

But who will win this year?

That information will be revealed later, in the Adagia Rooms.