Saturday, 5 May 2018

Training Quality Citizen-Journalists - Part Three

It is obviously unnecessary to train anyone already in possession of substantial qualities as a citizen-journalist, unless such an individual lacks the ability to teach quality citizen-journalism to other, less fortunate persons.

Unless you possess an exceptional ability to perceive quality, in all its varieties, you are unlikely to be able to locate it, even with considerable assistance.  You will certainly lack the courtesy to acknowledge quality unless you have been carefully trained beyond the usual level of journalistic brashness.

The ability to perceive quality is innate.  It is never inane.  It therefore requires no impetus from advertising or other degrading influences.

Quality citizen-journalism is meant to enlighten.  It may even edify.  When it primarily celebrates quality, it may even be entertaining to persons in receipt of astute perceptions.

Astute perceptions are worth celebrating in themselves, at least when they are communicated with reasonable courtesy, with or without dry humour.

If you have missed parts one and two of this evening's presentation, that is rather rude of you.  Any citizen-journalist of quality will understand the necessity to set appropriate priorities.

Do you expect to be here tomorrow afternoon for parts four to six?

Will you expect to be served tea, sandwiches, cakes, sparkling fruit juice and the third movement of a string quintet by Luigi Boccherini?

Please catch up with all the parts you may have missed, before arriving tomorrow.

Also note that a very important presentation is scheduled to take place here tomorrow morning, at around 11am.

Here is a brief reading list to help all prospective trainees:

1. Introductory Readings

2. Media Policy

3. Privacy Policy

4. Auditions

5. Tours