Sunday, 6 May 2018

Training Quality Citizen-Journalists - Part Four

If you are a registered patron here, you may already have spent at least a small part of today on the current, official, introductory tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Now, however, as this is a free performance opportunity, no-one has much right to expect anything much of anyone, except for the expectation that everyone will act appropriately.

You are likely to be invited to display your journalistic qualities over the next few hours.  How well prepared are you to do so?

Have you had much experience of undercover work?

When have you been required to use your imagination to extricate yourself from a difficult situation?

Unless you have attended the drama school associated with this ethereal theatre, you are unlikely to know how to put on a convincing performance in an undercover, investigative role.

How do you usually uncover sinister plots?

What sorts of disguises do you prefer to use whilst doing so?

Where have you acquired the manners with which to blend in?

Do you have the patience to deal with difficult situations with decorum?

If you need reminding about the first three parts of this presentation, please catch up with the readings during the next interval:

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You may also wish to reflect upon three careers:

Sybil Grey

Leonora Braham

Jessie Bond