Saturday, 5 May 2018

Working Where it Matters Most

Do you work to prevent frightening situations from arising?

Do you work to alleviate frightening situations most people have been ignoring?

Promoting prevention is often merely a way to prevent the resolution of problems.  It does nothing at all, except make people feel better by promoting something, spending public money and using up private donations on publicity.

Have you been attempting to find suitable support and assistance in a frightening situation?

Have your needs been treated insensitively by bureaucratic staff, in a health care situation, in such a way that you felt frightened?

Do you ever think journalists, politicians and administrators have a flippant approach to the genuine fears of the public?

In confronting your own fears, have you been digging up the facts about greed and incompetence in Australia?

Do you work in a deeply distressing situation?

Do you have a self-serving view of how society is best served?

Do you want to expand populations primarily for your own benefit?

Would it not be better to establish more suitable infrastructure and a caring culture for people currently living in fear within a society?