Sunday, 3 June 2018

An Affinity for the Twaklinesque

Do you consider the Adelaidezone to be merely a tourist attraction?

Are you here primarily due to your affinity for the Twaklinesque?

Do you have an affinity towards the Custodians of the Adelaidezone Gateway?

Are you mainly here as a tourist?

What is attractive to you as a tourist, and why?

What sorts of places do you prefer to visit?

What sorts of features would you prefer in relation to a permanent place to live?

Would you consider living in a closed village, a closed town, a closed city or a closed society?

Tourists are not usually welcome in such places.

Do you currently live in a company town?

Are you a Nilkawtian?

A considerable proportion of the Nilkawtian population has an affinity for the Twaklinesque.

Nilkawt itself is mostly closed to outsiders. 

As you may be aware, the Adelaidezone is now under Nilkawtian control, not Australian control.  That is why visitors here are currently being assessed on their affinity.

If you have an imagination, it is currently likely to be situated here, in the private, ethereal, Adelaidean theatre of the Nilkawtian Head of State.

Are you an Adelaidean personage?

Most Adelaideans are not Nilkawtians.

Few Adelaideans have an affinity for the Twaklinesque.

That is why few Adelaideans have passed the auditions here.

If you cannot afford to buy a ticket (yet) for an exclusive event or prestigious occasion in any remarkable location, you may be able to do so after developing your career sufficiently as a superstar Twaklinesque public performer.

Do you have the credentials, credibility, integrity, personality and talents with which to do so?

The Custodians of the Adelaidezone Gateway are now involved in the preliminary auditioning process.   They have apparently decided that you deserve a second chance.

Should anyone here check to make sure you have entered this location legitimately?

Please note that the Twaklinesque has nothing in common with the burlesque.  Even so, in the interests of philanthropy and magnanimity, prior reputation is never taken into consideration in an enlightened, digital, open, sprezzatura auditioning processes.

The ethereal proprietor of this ethereal theatre is renowned for her philanthropy and magnanimity.

If you have similar renown, how can you prove it?

How can you prove you are not associated with medieval practices?

Self-aggrandisement is never supported here, or in Nilkawt, except as a revenue-raising measure in the public interest.

Where have you observed bastard feudalism in practice, apart from Canberra or Washington DC?

Are you now almost ready for the next auditioning process here?