Sunday, 3 June 2018

No Celebrity Endorsements

Are you already a superstar Twaklinesque public performer or are you somewhat common?

Twaklinesque performers never consider themselves to be celebrities, or even superstars.  They do not brag.  They remain honestly modest.

The celebrity visitors' centre is on the ground floor of the observation tower of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Entry requires no celebrity endorsement.  Indeed, such endorsements tend to be a cause célèbre and therefore best avoided.

Peacefulness has nothing to do with celebrity

To be a celebrity is to gain the short-term attention of the public for no justifiable reason.

The celebrity visitors' centre is a location in which celebrities are not the focus of attention through their financial future is of considerable interest there.

If you have ever been considered to be a celebrity, or even merely rich or somewhat famous, how do you intend to express your attitude towards the future through your upcoming financial dealings?

How do you intend to incorporate your values into that expression?

Experiences of celebrity are usually exclusive experiences - partly if not wholly.

Sometimes, the loneliness of fame can lead to feelings of entirely exclusive experiences.

Being considered to be a celebrity has many dangers.

Do you  know how to use a keyboard wisely?

Do you know how to avoid political problems?

Do you know why you are here?

Many persons suddenly or gradually gaining celebrity status, or even merely media attention, have difficulties coping with that situation.  They may do silly things, like endorsing the horrible products of horrible companies.

Good companies do not produce horrible products.

Good people do not endorse anything horrible, either directly or indirectly.

If you are seeking a much easier life, why is that?

Why does anyone deserve an easier life than the one they are currently experiencing?

What is not particularly easy in your life, and why?

What have you learned through the art of mindfulness?

How has your financial situation changed through celebrity endorsements?

How has any other aspect of your life changed through those endorsements?

Celebrities are often involved in floating ideas that may or may not be particularly popular with particular audiences.

The public role of the celebrity is to draw attention to ideas, whether supportively or as an opponent.  They may choose to do so by cashing in on their fame, or they may use the cachet of their fame towards more worthy goals.

If you have endorsed a product that subsequently causes suffering to another person, how has your moral integrity and artistic integrity suffered as a consequence? 

What sort of compensation have you provided to the hurt person?

Are you fully aware of the sufferings caused by scented products, including those endorsed by celebrities?

Are you fully aware of the problems caused when celebrities endorse political ideas for which they are underqualified?

There are many silly politicians with the belief that they themselves are celebrities.  They do not realise that any public attention they receive is meant to be in the public interest.

But how do celebrities, in general, relate to the public interest?

What were you doing on Celebrity Disputation Day this year?

Are you currently awaiting a chance to sing here, with or without a celebrity endorsement?

Please note that access to the celebrity visitors' centre is currently available exclusively to registered patrons widely and respectably acknowledged:

a) As practitioners of, or supporters of, journalism for peace.

b) To have the most accurate answers to the question: Can real art save the world?

c) To be successfully overcoming egocentrism.

d) To be aware of the information and experiences within Villa Twaklinilkawt that are strictly confidential by law.

e) To value peace, quiet, comfort and privacy.

f) To be eligible to be a nominee at the Ethereal World Peace Award Ceremony.

g) To be eligible to receive news from the Adelaide Adagia Ensemble.

h) To be officially associated with the Twaklin Trust.

i) To appreciate political peace.

j) To support the wider provision of peaceful weekends.

k) To be involved in transcending the traumatic with the dramatic.

l) To be leading players in the art of enlightening definitions.

m) To have investigated and acted thoughtfully in response to the unfair relationships between peace and privilege.