Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Staging of Ageing

Everyone should be expected to take a calm, measured and well-informed approach to resolving societal problems, in any society.

If you are able to do that, how do you usually approach the staging of ageing?

What is the staging of ageing, and why is it especially important at this time in history?

What are the cultural factors to consider?

Who are the audiences for the performances?

Who are the protagonists and antagonists?

How will the mass media tend to report on the productions?

Who cares enough to convey the truth, and who does not?

How will the critics respond, and who will those critics be?

What is a dignified narrative in relation to the staging of aging, and what is that narrative meant to convey?

Now, to the matter of staging.

If you are a reasonable writer of some sort, you will seek to work with an enlightened artistic director who will bring your imagination to life before various audiences.

Have you ever been an artistic director?

Any worthy artistic director will begin developing ideas through a request for qualifications.  Each potential supplier is then judged on the basis of knowledge and taste, if not experience.

Good taste is the rarest of talents.

The art of sprezzatura involves giving the impression of having confidently and competently acquired knowledge, taste and experience without effort, as if those accomplishments are natural.  Yet sprezzatura never involves bragging or any other sort of hype.  It is never overplayed.

Unless you attended the most recent convocation of enlightened beings, you are unlikely to be well-informed about the staging of ageing.

Should good drama involve inclusive access to logical assessments or should many mysteries, anomalies and secrets exist within the dramatic structure?

And who should have access to knowledge about unsolved problems in real life, and why?

Mature, reasonable people want problems to be solved through the application of practical knowledge.  They do not wait around for magic and miracles to occur.  They are therefore heroic protagonists in pursuit of a better world.