Artistic Integrity

If you have artistic integrity, do you also have good taste?

If you have good taste, do you have artistic integrity?

If you want artistic integrity, will you need additional training in order to express it with good taste?

What does good taste mean to you and what is good about it?

And what do you believe it means to express artistic integrity in the 21st century?


Do you consider yourself to be a music artist?

Do you currently have a recording contract or other contractual obligations?

Do you have the skills with which to understand the basis of artistic success and/or commercial success?
Do you have an agent?  Do you have a manager?

Are you a talent agent, a talent scout or a talent manager?

Do you consider yourself to be another form of performing artist?

Do you write music, libretti, film scores, screen plays, stage plays, novels, poetry, or any other form of literary output?

Do you have the ability to design and make costumes, apply make-up, source wigs and other props, design and build stage sets, paint backdrops and trompe-l'œil?

Can you design and arrange publicity material, mass media promotion schedules and social media strategies?

Can you finance the whole caboodle?  If so, do you have good taste?  Do you have good values?

Who is likely to support your work and why?

Who is likely to denigrate you and/or your work, and why?