Exclusive Access

In most situations, performers and support staff are more likely to meet the satisfaction of informed audience members during expensive events and other relatively exclusive occasions.  This is particularly the case when the financial resources are available to pay for sprezzatura performances.

After completing the public tour of this ethereal theatre and attending several of the free presentations and performances, you may find it possible to obtain tickets for exclusive access to an extraordinary range of areas and events in, around and from Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Why is access sometimes exclusive?  This question is easily answered by an enlightened cultural leader.

How often have you contributed to an endowment fund?

How often have you been told you are talented?

How often have you been told you are wealthy?

How often have you felt as if you are successful, and why?

Exclusive access to theatrical training

Anything exclusive is usually unavailable to ordinary members of the general public.  Fortunately for you, nothing is exclusive in the very early auditioning phase for this ethereal little theatre.  Most talents are usually identified during those very early auditions, well before any tickets are supplied to anyone.

People either have money and knowledge, or money and no knowledge, or knowledge and no money, or no knowledge and no money.  You have knowledge of the existence of this theatre.

Whether people have any money or any knowledge, or not, they may or may not have any talent.  Any talent should receive exclusive access to opportunities not available to the untalented, at least whenever financial resources are limited.

Your exclusive access to presentations, performances and mystery classes in this ethereal little theatre  will require either training and membership or a great deal of money.   On many occasions, exclusive access to valuable knowledge requires training, membership and a great deal of money.

Please remember that it is impossible to buy real talent, however much you are willing to pay to be entertained by talented persons.  A talent is a gift.

If you are considered talented here, you will have passed at least the first of the multi-level auditions.  Your talents may or may not receive further development during the more exclusive preliminary rehearsals for later shows, performances and tours.

Successful artistic careers, for the talentless as well as the talented, are often developed through exclusive access to opportunities and venues not usually available inclusively.  One of those venues is a creative imagination.

For further information about your own creative imagination, please visit the celebrity visitors' centre of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  To enter that location, please present the relevant ticket to the reception staff at the relevant door, at the correct, scheduled moment.  Being in the right place and the right time is very important.

Also remember to take along the required talents and/or your pre-paid self-publicity package.

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