Exclusive Access

People either have money and knowledge, or money and no knowledge, or knowledge and no money, or no knowledge and no money. 

You have digitally-acquired knowledge of the imaginative existence of this ethereal theatre.

Whether people have any money or any knowledge, or not, they may or may not have any talent.  Any talent should receive exclusive access to opportunities not available to the untalented, at least whenever financial resources are limited.

Have you auditioned here yet?

Your exclusive access to presentations, performances and mystery classes in this ethereal little theatre will sometimes require training and membership or a great deal of money.   On many occasions, exclusive access to valuable knowledge requires training, membership and a great deal of money from one source or another, or many sources.

Are you an enlightened patron of the arts yet?

Regardless of your current status, are you possibly seeking inclusive access to experiences within Villa Twaklinilkawt?