During each public, private, semi-public and semi-private performance in this ethereal theatre, informed critics are likely to be amongst the audience, and possibly also behind the scenes.

Relatively enlightened critics often seek to identify true artistry.  They are therefore willing to encourage the development of considerable talents, wherever those talents are to be found.

Relatively enlightened critics may even hope to identify true artistry through the Twaklinesque.

There are always critics lurking around in the darkness of theatres and opera houses, ready to pounce on an unwary performer, artistic director or annoying audience member.

Whether any critic is truly able to enlighten anyone is little more than a matter of opinion.  Indeed, criticism itself is often merely an opinion, however informed that opinion might be.

How do you measure artistic quality?

As this digital, ethereal theatre exists in Adelaide in Australia, the opinions of Adelaidean critics will probably differ from those of critics elsewhere.  Having a locational bias is very common as far as opinions are concerned.

If you are intending to attend any of the digital workshops here on the topic of enlightened critiquing, do please ensure you bring along a mind of your own.  You will be expected to answer a wide range of pertinent questions with insight and aplomb.

The best critics are often invited to judge the auditions here, but only after they themselves have successfully auditioned and subsequently performed consistently well on the world stage.

It is easy to be a critic without being proficient at the skills critiqued.  Yet it is impossible to supply an adequately informed critique without understanding the art of sprezzatura.