If you are participating in the second Age of Enlightenment, why are your efforts so little known and so ineffective?

Why is enlightenment so marginal in mainstream, popular culture?

Why do so many people consider enlightenment to be boring and, therefore, not worthwhile?

If you can imagine a more enlightened world, how are you expressing that world in the here and now?

Do you intend to attend the next World Enlightenment Forum?  If not, why not?

The World Enlightened Forum has been taking place annually for many years now.  In recent years, millions of people, all around the world, have had the opportunity to attend digitally, free of charge.  Why most of them have not taken up that generously philanthropic invitation is highly perplexing to the organisers.

What do you believe to be the main barriers to further enlightenment in the world?

Who do you believe to be the most influential critics of enlightenment and why do they have so much influence?

How are you currently attempting to promote enlightenment in the world?

Here is something in relation to the 2014 manifesto and manifestation of the World Enlightenment Forum:


Have you considered
at the next World Enlightenment Forum?

If so, please visit
in the natural common room.