The main affordable foyer here is digitally unusual. 

It changes with the weather and is musical.

Please don't call it a lobby or a salon.

It is never a gathering place or reception. 

No public space is like this.

It's a place for private bliss.

And don't play in the foyer

Unless you have a very good lawyer. 

Have you tried auditioning instead?

Perhaps fame and fortune have

Already gone to your head.

Arrogance makes the management tense. 

Please act at all times with considerable sense

Unless your part requires otherwise.

Are you currently here in disguise?

English is the main language here,

Not French or Latin or fear.

Remember, Privacy rules fact.

Imagination rules fiction.

However you choose to act,

Try to have good diction.

Never be a voyeur,

Even in this foyer.

Nothing here is lewd

Or otherwise rude.

Do enjoy exploring your imagination.

Please practice well before your next audition.

Do become a patron

That is an invitation,

Though the chance may not last long.

Will you put this into song?

Respect for performers,

And enlightened reformers,

Will require you to dress neater

For the ethereal theatre

The next time you arrive.