Mozart's Dressing Room

Who said you could enter here?

This is my dressing room.  Did you not see my name on the door?

Yes, I am looking at you through the mirror of your conscience and not just through a screen.

You are not my usual make-up artist.  You are not even my usual wig dresser.  Who are you?  Where is everyone?  I want a massage.  I also want someone to do something about this face powder.  It's making me feel depressed, much like the news headlines.

Do you think I'm ready for my close-up now?  I know I'm ready to receive any posthumous lifetime achievement awards anyone seeks to give me.  They come in very handy when I need somewhere to sit my wig when it has fleas in it.

Do you run a flea circus or a media circus?

Are you supposed to be performing on the world stage over the next few days?

I do not recall seeing you at the auditions.  You most definitely were not at the rehearsals.