Mozarty Party

Dear enlightened being

You are obviously sufficiently enlightened about relevance and elegance, otherwise why would you have entered this location in search of information about the Mozarty Party?

Are you here for a special election campaign presentation of outstanding suitability for your part of the world?

Are you dedicated to world peace and universal prosperity?

Inclusive invitations to experience enlightenment have often been sent out into the world from Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Whether people accept those invitations, and share them with their enlightened and unenlightened friends, is their own choice.

Dictatorships, unenlightened election campaigns and various government, corporate, religious and military activities, often prevent enlightenment from reaching the minds of the public, anywhere around the globe.  As part of their own suitably centrist and unselfish election campaign strategy, the Mozarty Party global campaign team would never support the use of force or farce, except artistically, anywhere in the world.

You may be wondering how the Mozarty Party is attempting to achieve political power in your neighbourhood, country and wider geographical region.  As only unenlightened individuals have no desire to experience an enlightened democracy, offering everyone the opportunity to become enlightened is the first step.  The Mozarty Party attempts to achieve that aim with the presentation of policy compositions of the highest quality.

Are you already familiar with any Mozarty Party policies?

Do you already make a significant contribution to world peace and universal prosperity?

Do you know how to run an enlightened election campaign?

Are you already an elegant advocate of enlightened democratic practices?

Appealing to individual members of the public, particularly the voting public, is difficult for all persons of integrity.  Seeking popularity through the presentation of false hopes would obviously be not only unenlightened but despicably dishonest.

Most people with a liking of at least some pieces of Western classical music may feel at times as if they are outsiders in the wider societal context.  Those persons tend to abhor catchy pop tunes.   They may possibly find those tunes to be mind-numbing distractions, preventing the expression of more imaginative forms of creativity.

You may be wondering how ordinary Mozarty Party members are involved in making policy decisions within the party.  The primary aim of the party is to ensure peacefully enlightened democracies can flourish and prosper for everyone desiring to experience them.  A secondary aim is world peace, of course, as that is likely to occur as a consequence of the party's primary aim.

All reasonably enlightened suggestions on how these aims can be achieved can be offered by anyone, anywhere, even if they are not Mozarty Party members.  Even so, becoming a Mozarty Party member is likely to be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, even if you already consider yourself to be a strong, enlightened world leader in the cultural and/or political sphere.

You will discover more about the Mozarty Party and its members in a little while.  You may even consider joining the party today.  Initial digital membership is free for lovely persons everywhere, particularly in the social media sphere.

You may consider attending a few of the inclusive Mozarty-style Facebook presentations with your friends and family members.

There are Mozarty-style Twitter performances to share with your friends and family from time to time.  Those performances are likely to be a little more exclusive.

Are you seeking exclusive access to anything in this vicinity?

If you are wondering about the best ways in which to learn more about the Mozarty Party, you can enlighten yourself, and everyone else, further by attending elegant election campaign ethereal theatrical performances from time to time.  You may also wish to attend performances in this ethereal theatre on other celebratory occasions.

What does enlightenment mean to you?

Who do you believe to have been matching Mozart in recent years?

Who do you believe to be an enlightened world leader at present?

Even a genius must work hard to bring truth to the minds of a majority, or even to the minds of a small minority.

Welcome to this special Mozarty Party

election campaigning presentation.

Please note that the current global campaign headquarters of the party is in the natural common room in the ethereal gatehouse of Villa Twaklinilkawt and not in this theatre.  Do you currently have access to the natural common room?

Matching Mozart culturally and politically in the 21st century requires sprezzatura.   Do you have the ability to display sprezzatura on The Social Media Show or anywhere else for that matter?

Do you ever express sprezzatura through the mass media or even through a specialist media outlet?

We shall continue now with
a few examples
of the Mozarty Party's earlier
local, national and
international activities.

Here is an example of 

a Mozarty Party


federal election

campaign launch


Do you always (at least try to) vote for a genius?

Do you always (at least try to) find the genius within yourself?

How well do you manage the expression of your interests and values?

How well acquainted are you with the management of this ethereal theatre?

Australian federal election campaigns may not seem to be particularly relevant to you, even if you happen to be an Australian citizen.  There is usually very little enlightenment at all in most of those campaigns, at least to the extent to which they are presented through the unenlightened mass media.   And sprezzatura in Australia is in very short supply.

Sprezzatura can be gained through the expression of the Twaklinesque.  As all Mozarty Party advocates of the Twaklinesque are aware, democracy is like beautiful music when no-one is louder ~ or quieter ~ than necessary:  The Twaklinesque is always expressed appropriately.

The global campaign headquarters of the Mozarty Party is currently staffed mainly by Adelaideans.  Are you an Adelaidean?  If not, do you know any Adelaideans?

Now the campaign presentation continues...

After any unenlightened election,

the Mozarty Party

compassionately commiserates

 with the public

If you are an Adelaidean, will you be voting for
Mozarty Party representatives
to perform in South Australia's
State Parliament
 next time?

Do you want to play
an instrumental role with
the Mozarty Party
at a local government level
in South Australia?

The Mozarty Party global campaign manager is especially keen to encourage all party members to participate in an enlightened manner in their most local political and cultural activities.  To behave with sprezzatura locally is a very good idea.  It prevents people from ignorantly meddling in matters irrelevant to their own enlightened self-interest.

Without an enlightened awareness of your own interests, how is it possible to understand the interests of anyone else?

To which audiences do you usually belong, and why?

Which box office most usually acquires your financial patronage?

Who are you, where are you and what are your own aims and ambitions?

Whatever you are hoping to learn about the Mozarty Party will also involve learning all sorts of things about yourself, and about the world around you, and even about the strange and variable activities inside your own mind.

How do you usually learn about yourself?

Are you willing to contribute to better media coverage of local elections?

In the natural common room, the Citizen-Journalism Assistance Service may or not be accessible to you at present.  How do you usually contribute to enlightened forms of journalistic expression?

Without an enlightened media, there cannot be an enlightened democracy.  Both rely on enlightened critics to inform responses to societal problems.  Are you an enlightened critic?

What, for example, can orchestras teach the world about democracies and dictatorships?

What are your criticisms of the Mozarty Party World Peace and Global Prosperity Tour and why should your criticisms be acknowledged as relevant? 

You may be wondering about upcoming public occasions here, particularly those associated with the world stage.  The Mozarty Party obviously has much involvement in dialogues of enlightenment, both privately and publicly.

Orchestras, mainly for financial and other competitive reasons, are usually local.  It is the same with Mozarty Party activities.  Are you willing to perform mainly on a local political podium, concert platform or broadband wagon?

Gaining a following is necessary for any sort of performer, otherwise why would anyone bother to turn up to listen to you?

Active Mozarty Party members usually know the difference between audiences, anthems and anthologies.  To learn about the activities of the party's global campaign manager, for example, conscientious party members regularly read a Twaklin anthology.

Here is something about

the Mozarty Party's

  global election

campaigning activities

Gaining access through the stage door of this ethereal theatre is obviously a great privilege for anyone.  Gaining access to the auditorium here is equally a privilege.  It is even more of a privilege to gain access to the green room.

How do you usually identify the privileges available to you?

Do you ever consider it a privilege to attend auditions?

All members of the Mozarty Party are obviously expected to have artistic integrity.  This is particularly the case when they are presenting policies through Twaklinian poetry, songs, variations and recitals.  It equally applies when they perform undercover work.

If you know how to overcome stage fright on the world stage, so much the better.  Courage is just as important within the Mozarty Party as a consistently conscientious and excellent work ethic.

How do you research the sources of local problems?  How do you identify ways to improve your skills in solving those problems? Do you have curiosity about the world around you, the world within you and worlds far away from your own?

If you were asked to present a local heritage performance on behalf of the Mozarty Party, what would it include, and why?

You are likely to have many questions about why the natural common room is now the enlightened world centre of musical and political pleasantness, particularly as music is rarely performed there.  The music room of Villa Twaklinilkawt is mainly used for secret rehearsals nowadays.  Only the most enlightened patrons may witness those rehearsals.

Occasionally, you may have a chance to participate in an evening of auditions in this ethereal theatre.  The most talented, most pleasant individuals, especially those with the ability to impress the registered critics, will be invited to perform at future secret rehearsals.

Only the most enlightened patrons are eligible to become registered critics here.

Is your current government

Haydn something?

To make an effectively wonderful difference in the world requires the suitable monitoring of your efforts.  What are you currently doing to make the world a much better place than it would be without you? 

Where are your efforts ineffective?  What do you need to change about your strategy?  Who and where are the people most likely to support you?  Who are the people most unlikely to support you and why?

Conflict is at the heart of all politics, and all drama.  You may have witnessed just a few dramas from the parlour of Villa Twaklinilkawt from time to time or even on a considerable number of occasions.  How do you usually deal with conflicts?

Enlightenment can be gained in many ways.  It usually requires much consistent effort and much consistent thought.  It may or may not require a special Christmas matinĂ©e for all the family.

Good relationships are obviously important within the Mozarty Party, whether between family members, colleagues or neighbours.  How do you usually interact with the people you know? How do you treat acquaintances and strangers?

How do you deal with conflicts such as differing expectations?

Each year, whilst preparing for the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace, Mozarty Party members are reminded that their mission is to create and maintain world peace and global prosperity through enlightened democracy, euphonious relationships and the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.

Euphonious relationships are not necessarily possible in Mozart's dressing room, even when saying Happy Birthday most arty Sir Mozarty Mozart.  How do you usually distinguish between the private and the public?

  How are you currently

appreciating enlightenment?

Privacy is very important within the Mozarty Party, and throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt.  You may have met Privacy here from time to time, particularly in Nannerl's Suite.

Nannerl, Privacy and many other persons, all things being otherwise equal, have important roles to play in the Mozarty Party, as do you.  What sort of role would you prefer to perform?

Your current popularity with the ordinary public will obviously be considered by the party when seeking to engage your services.  Even so, your popularity with the enlightened public will obviously take priority.

If you want to be a local candidate on behalf of the Mozarty Party, what is your home town story?

If you are already willing to campaign on behalf of the Mozarty Party in your own region of the world, are you ready to audition now?

Who do you expect to critique your performances and those of other people?

The Adelaideans are obviously many and varied, as are all the other critics.

Not everyone is impressed when a sound is louder than necessary.  Being quieter than necessary is equally unimpressive to most people.

The Mozarty Party global campaign manager is especially keen to know whether you have ever performed on the Planet Earth Comedy Show.  If you have, what did the audience(s) think of your act?  What did the critics think?

Addressing conflict effectively through the enlightened expression of humour is obviously one of the priorities of Mozarty Party strategy, all over the world.  Even if you live in a rural area, you will probably want to help create a city of dreams not too far away.  Such a city will supply many of the services essential to improving your quality of life in the months and years ahead.

What is your dream for the world?

What is your dream for your own existence?

How do you usually turn dreams into reality?

Who are your supporters, your followers and your true friends?

Who do you support, follow and supply with your friendship?

Who do you intend to nominate to win at the next Ethereal World Peace Award Ceremony?

Theatrical activities, whether musical or dramatic, or both, are always team efforts, even when only one person actually appears on a stage.  The same applies in politics.  Presidents and prime ministers require teams, as do monarchs and (other) local property magnates.

If you seek to support the Mozarty Party, will you be bringing along your own team of supporters with you?  If so, how talented is your team, individually and collectively, and what have its members achieved together?