Mozarty Party

Welcome to this special Mozarty Party

election campaigning presentation.

Do you know how to run
an enlightened election campaign?

We shall begin with
a few examples
of the party's earlier
local, national and
international activities.

Here is an example of 

a Mozarty Party


federal election

campaign launch


Do you always

(at least try to)

vote for a genius?

After the most recent

South Australian

state election,

the Mozarty Party

compassionately commiserated

 with the public

Will you be voting for
the Mozarty Party
in South Australia's
State Parliament
 next time?

Do you want to play
an instrumental role with
the Mozarty Party
at a local government level?

Are you willing to
contribute to better
South Australian
media coverage
of all local elections?

Here is something about

the Mozarty Party's

  global election

campaigning activities

Is your current government
Haydn something?

What are you currently doing
to make the world
a better place than
it would be without you?

  How are you currently

appreciating enlightenment?

If you are willing to campaign
on behalf of the Mozarty Party
in your own region of the world,
are you ready to audition now?