Mozarty Party


Dear euphonious voter

Thank you for conducting yourself to this dignified, digital location. 

Please now compose yourself appropriately for the notes to follow.

It seems quite obvious that you are in search of additional information about the Mozarty Party.

You may even consider joining the party today.

Are you willing to put your signature on the register?

What is your own suitably centrist and unselfish election campaign strategy?

Are you already familiar with at least one of the Mozarty Party's magnificent policies?

You will discover more about the Mozarty Party, and its members, in a little while.

Do you know how to run an enlightened election campaign, for little expense, and without causing considerable littering?

Appealing for the attention of individual members of the public, particularly the voting public, is a difficult challenge for persons of integrity.

All activities take place locally even though universal knowledge must be treated as useful in every part of the world.

Are you willing to perform mainly on a local political podium, a local concert platform or on the Mozarty Party's digital, broadband wagon?

You may already be aware that the Mozarty Party has five levels of membership.

One-star membership is open to everyone, everywhere.  It costs nothing and it is great fun.

If you are seeking to attain a higher level of Mozarty Party membership, you must prove you have been using your introductory membership wisely.   You can do that by helping to achieve greater enlightenment in the world, to the best of your abilities.

You can also donate to the Mozarty Party, at least if you have something useful to offer.

Not everyone is impressed when a sound is louder than necessary.  Being quieter than necessary is equally unimpressive to most people.

Addressing conflict effectively, through the enlightened expression of humour, is obviously one of the priorities of Mozarty Party strategy, all over the world.