To have sprezzatura is to be devoid of the annoyance perpetrated by bores and boors.

To be boring is to deny other people the right to enjoy life.

To be a boor is to destroy quality of life.

Even though meanings change over time, and in various contexts, at the heart of true sprezzatura is the secret effort of seemingly effortless, non-deceptive brilliance.

Unlike spectacle, which is mainly a deceptive lack of effort made to look impressive, and often achieved with a great deal of money thrown at it, true sprezzatura is of considerable value at a level beyond the understanding of the uninitiated.

It is meaningful, purposeful and wonderful. 

The sprezzatura prelude

Sprezzatura is much like homophony.  It enables the performer to stand out melodiously from the crowd, thereby justifiably representing the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.

Yet vulgar marketeers degrade sprezzatura, just as they do with many valuable qualities.  To use sprezzatura as a marketing term is to cancel out its meaningfulness.

How do you make the difficultly beautiful look and sound easy?

Do you have sprezzatura at all?