Stage Door

An important notice

Whenever open auditions and/or accomplished performances are anticipated on the world stage of this ethereal theatre, participants enter through the digital stage door. 

The management is responsible for all security arrangements.  Please comply courteously with all reasonable instructions.

There are no unreasonable instructions associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt.

In view of this, no postmodern performances are permitted anywhere within Villa Twaklinilkawt, except for urgent, satirical purposes.

As no ego-directed productions occur here, please do not expect to participate in regietheatre or regieoper or excessively regimented rehearsals.

Similarly, neither the anal nor the atonal nor tone deafness nor the excessively nasal are permitted to occur here, except for essential, well reasoned artistic purposes.

Please note that only Mr Mozart is permitted to use scatalogical and other vulgar humour off stage.  As the only eternal, artistic superstar, he aways has top billing.

What have been your usual back alleyway and back stage experiences?

On the outside of the stage door are the words Stage Door, of course.

On the inside of the stage door are the words To the Green Room.

Many of the backstage doors are marked: Patrons Only.

The grand door with the words Artistic Director ornately gilded upon it is only opened by invitation or invocation.