Upcoming Public Occasions

All future occasions in this ethereal theatre are likely to be either private, semi-private or semi-public.

This presentation is about the upcoming semi-public occasions here.  It is intended to be an experimental, communal and partly private experience.

Your own qualities as a sprezzatura performer in the public sphere of the world stage will be observed and critiqued by several, different audiences with immediacy, and by many other audiences in the near and distant future.

What is your usual acquaintance with public life?

How do you usually perform on the world stage?

What are the upcoming public occasions already in your schedule?

Are you mainly seeking information about upcoming semi-public tours of this theatre, semi-public shows, semi-public training activities, unexpected opportunities to attend open auditions and/or possibly even the chance to obtain inclusive access or exclusive access to behind-the-scenes events?

The current, virtual semi-public tour of this ethereal theatre is somewhat experimental itself.  It is partly self-guided and always unpredictable, with or without a prior acquaintance with mathematics.

Please participate entirely at your own risk.

What do you consider those risks to be?

Are they worth taking?

How do you expect to find enlightenment in the future if you do not know whether a risk is worthwhile or not?

All art involves risks.