World Stage

Appearing on the world stage can be daunting.

Being there brings with it considerable audience expectations.

That in itself can be frightening.

How do you usually conduct yourself?

The world stage is where many different audiences observe the same performance.

Those audiences have different expectations.  Their levels of attention differ.  Their interest in being persuaded is variable.  They represent widely differing communities.

When was the last time you offered an enlightening review of a performance

There is much folly on the world stage, as well as much fantasy and absurdity.  Yet true world leaders will aways assist in making at least one city of dreams into a reality.  However, they will never insist on doing so to the detriment of anyone else.

Many so-called world leaders personify folly, even when they are not on the world stage.  Below, for example, is a speech given by a purported world leader from the United States of America, slightly adapted for dramatic purposes:

How slightly I am esteemed in the common vogue of the world, (for I well know how disingenuously I am decried, even by those who are themselves the greatest fools,) yet it is from my influence alone that the whole universe receives her ferment of mirth and jollity: of which this may be urged as a convincing argument, in that as soon as I appeared to speak before this numerous assembly all their countenances were gilded over with a lively sparkling pleasantness: you soon welcomed me with so encouraging a look, you spurred me on with so cheerful a hum, that truly in all appearance, you seem now flushed with a good dose of reviving nectar, when as just before you sat drowsy and melancholy, as if you were lately come out of some hermit’s cell. But as it is usual, that as soon as the sun peeps from her eastern bed, and draws back the curtains of the dark night; or as when, after a hard winter, the restorative spring breathes a more enlivening air, nature forthwith changes her apparel, and all things seem to renew their age; so at the first sight of me you all unmask, and appear in more lively colours. That therefore, which expert orators can scarce effect by all their little artifice of eloquence, to wit, raising the attentions of their auditors to a composedness of thought, this a bare look from me has commanded.

The world stage is rarely peaceful.  There are many auditions taking place on it, some of which are more cacophonous than others.  There is certainly a great deal of unreasonable political noise for the judges to endure as a consequence.