Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Don't Call Us

Who should make the first move to initiate communication, and who should move first to end it?

Not a Business

The failure rate of businesses is considerable.

Fortunately, this theatre is a private, non-commercial venue.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Reading Lists for Australian Voters - Part Two

If you are interested in accessing the Adelaidezone in the future, that is understandable, especially if you are already a relatively enlightened being. 

Seeking a Healthy Environment

A healthy environment for everyone is not yet available.  If you are not particularly healthy at present, please return to the foyer immediately.

Reading Lists for Australian Voters - Part One

There are many matters to consider before voting.

Reading Lists for Trainee Policy Makers

While some rules and laws may occasionally be viewed as being set in stone or enshrined in constitutions, policies are subject to change.  This is why all policy makers are trainees.

Reading Lists for Trainees

Whatever sort of trainee you happen to be at present, or intend to be in the future, please be aware that there are likely to be new reading lists to examine soon.

Properly Perceptive Patrons

Proper patrons are persons of perceptiveness.  They seek explanations rather than salient sensations.  They want to make sense of situations at a deeper level than is usual for most people.


My name is Reality Rational.  I have just arrived in Adelaide with my husband Logic to attend a funeral.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Establishing an Enlightened Civilisation

The right to ask questions and prevent injustices forms the basis of an enlightened civilisation.

The Most Enlightened Elements of Your Being

In the Adelaidezone, you are not expected to reveal or expose anything private or emotionally distressing about yourself and your experiences of life.  You are expected to identify, unlock and present the most enlightened elements of your being.

Your Future Conversational and Leadership Abilities

Attentiveness is very important when carefully observing what is happening.