The foyer here is unusual.  It changes with the weather.

Please do not call it a lobby, a salon or a get together

Location.  No public space is like this.

Please do not play in the foyer.  It would make

The management tense.  Remember these rules:

English is the language here, not French.

And please do not be a voyeur in the foyer of this theatre.

The foyer here is private though some people appear to

Require a lawyer to decipher that news.

The ethereal theatre is entirely a private venue

Though nothing here is lewd or otherwise rude.

Please find your imagination and reflect upon your views.

Please enjoy exploring your imagination.

Please practice well before your next audition.

Please become a patron.  That is an invitation

To enter the foyer in the future, though

Do dress neater for the ethereal theatre

The next time you arrive.